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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thomas Arvid January 28th & 29th

On The Inside Oil on Crate

The Key West Gallery is proud to announce a special two night appearance by refined modern still life artist Thomas Arvid.  Arvid, a self-taught painter, combines photo-realism with his talent for abstract composition to create stunningly realistic images.  Well known for his paintings of wine and his ability to capture its many elements Arvid’s paintings are fragments of images that allow the viewers mind to complete the scene. 

Cork Envy

Arvid’s traditional oils have quickly become a favorite of collectors who find his work stunningly beautiful while also comfortable and relaxed.  For this show, Arvid will showcase his newest pieces both on canvas and those also incorporated into wine crates.  Additionally Arvid will also present his first sculpture piece Cork Envy and feature one of kind pencil sketches and watercolors. 

The Thomas Arvid show will be the highlight of the Key West Food and Wine Festival, which will feature many wine tasting events around the island.  Undoubtedly, the Thomas Arvid show will be the premier event of the weekend with Arvid sharing his passion for both art and wine.  Guests of The Key West Gallery will have the opportunity to watch Arvid create new work and Arvid will dedicate pieces for our clients. 

What'll It Be
Pencil Sketch

Come share a weekend with Thomas Arvid at The Key West Gallery and have a few glasses of great wine January 28th & 29th, 2011.  Priority reservations are held for our RSVP guests, to RSVP please email  To preview and reserve a limited edition Thomas Arvid piece prior to the show visit

We look forward to toasting your latest Thomas Arvid piece soon!

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