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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pino Memorial Show

Original Oil

The Key West Gallery celebrates the life and work of Italian portrait artist Pino with a special memorial show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday February  18th, 19th and 20th.  With a lifetime of notable achievements in the art world, Pino’s influence is reflected in many young artists today.  From his early days as a child painting in Bari, Italy Pino captured the world people and scenes around him in World War II Italy.  As a young man he entered Milan’s Academy of Brera where he worked to perfect his talent and skills for painting nudes.  While Pino’s talent was recognized with his work appearing in many exhibitions and being commissions by publishers for illustrations, Pino longed for the artistic freedom he believed he would find in the United States.

Remember When

Once arriving in the United States Pino held several shows New York and Massachusetts, but it was his partnership with Zebra Books Publishers that allowed his new, fresh and sensual images that launched his success as a great romance novel illustrator.  As Pino’s notoriety grew within the publishing community, he found himself of the most popular illustrators in the romance novel industry.  Completing more than 3,000 covers his work dominated and impacted the market dramatically.

Pino never abandoned his love of fine art and his aspirations to be recognized as a fine artist.  In 1992 Pino began working with major galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona including the May Gallery.  Soon his work was being shown in high quality galleries throughout the United States.  Pino’s ability to capture movements and expression in his pieces has made him a favorite of collectors.  Pino’s works are some of the most sought after portraits, leaving viewers emotionally connected to his mysterous subjects. 

Original Romance Novel Illustration

Since his passing in 2010, the Key West Gallery has been working to present a memorial show featuring the last remaining original works, the final hand embellished editions and his rare illustrations.   With special guests from his family this Pino tribute show will be an excellent opportunity to see a retrospective of Pino’s work.  Pino’s pieces are limited and only a small selection of originals remain.  To RSVP for the Pinot Tribute Show please contact the gallery at  If you are unable to attend but would like to learn more about the show specials please contact 

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