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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ton Dubbeldam Show Starts Tonight!

Low Tide
Key West Gallery welcomes Dutch artist Ton Dubbeldam to the Key West Gallery for a special artist showing.  This three day show begins this Thursday evening with a preview show from 8pm to 10pm followed by full shows Friday and Saturday for a rare opportunity to meet Ton Dubbeldam, learn how Ton selects his subjects and how he puts his own unique vision into each piece he creates.  From calm waters to vibrant fields of flowers, all of his pieces present a collection of vibrant of colors that awaken the viewer’s senses.    

Ton Dubbeldam’s captivating landscapes use his distinct techniques of spotting and dripping to incorporate both pointillism and impression giving each painting a gracefulness rivaled only by nature itself.  Dubbeldam stunning works are appreciated by art collectors around the world of every level.  Dubbeldam is known for using explosions of colors that dance across his paintings to showcase the progression of light in its most natural settings.   

Dubbeldam was raised in a naturally talented family with both his father a being celebrate musicians and his grandfather a painter.   After studying at the Academy Minerva with plans to originally teach art, Ton’s own painting became a full time career as his success and work spread across Europe.  Still a natural teacher, his willingness to share how he creates his artwork in this rare North American show is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Join us this Thursday evening for our preview show with a continued showings including live in gallery painting both Friday and Saturday (June 10th and 11th).  If you are unable to join us in Key West this weekend, contact The Key West Gallery at to learn more about show specials. 

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