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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Freedom by Bill Mack
Returning for a surprise spring show artists Bill Mack and Gary Welton will display a variety of their pieces on March 17th and 18th.   This rare spring show is yet another wonderful reason to escape to Key West for a weekend getaway and a chance to meet both Mack and Welton and discuss how they create such original forms of artwork.  The Key West Gallery offers its guests an exclusive personal meeting with both of these artists.  At The Key West Gallery, our talented staff believe in connecting art enthusiasts with the artists themselves.  
Marilyn on original Hollywood Sign
Bill Mack created an innovative way to display sculptures as wall art to allow collectors to the ability to showcase many sculptures.  Mack’s continually evolving techniques have embraced new mediums including the incorporation of different materials that bring his work to a new realm.  Mack continues to impress many throughout the art world while also drawing in new collectors. 
One of Bill Mack’s most ambitious projects has been his limited edition Hollywood sign series, The Key West Gallery is proud to display several of these distinctive works that feature icons of the Hollywood’s golden era on the original Hollywood Sign.   The signs still weathered by decades of display in the Hollywood Hills are the only historic landmark also used as a canvas for fine artwork.  A much sought after edition to any art collector’s or movie lover’s home.
Artist Gary Welton will also join us, sharing a collection of his paintings that enchant the viewer.  Welton’s natural talents capture the movement and grace of human form in ways that make the canvas come alive.  Gary Welton and Bill Mack will be on hand to share their techniques and share how they find their inspiration. 
Having worked closely together for many years, Mack and Welton have collaborated on several pieces together.   Blending their individual styles to create a series that showcases Welton’s fabulous painting skills and Mack’s innovative sculpture techniques they have created yet another impressive addition to any art admirer’s personal collection. 
Nightly showings with both Bill Mack and Gary Welton will be held March 17th and 18th.  Show specials will be offered throughout the weekend, please visit The Key West Gallery to view many pieces in advance and learn more about the artists.  To RSVP for the March 17th or 18th Bill Mack and Gary Welton Show email  or if you cannot join us for the show take advantage of the show specials by contacting us to learn more about the great offers available in March. 

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