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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alexei Butirskiy Returns to The Key West Gallery

A Proud Past

Russian artist Alexei Butirskiy will return to the Key West Gallery for a show February 12th and  13th,  showcasing new original pieces.  Butirskiy showcase his incredible ability to paint stunning scenes that capture urban life around him in un-glorified, truthful terms.  His tranquil works quickly have become favorites of many art collectors.  Butirskiy’s paintings welcome the viewer into stunningly still moments that feature some of the world’s most beautiful cities and peaceful hidden country sides.  

Fifth Avenue
Alexei Butirskiy’s well developed natural skills feature the powerful relationship between light and dark throughout his works.  While many artists might see light as the most beautiful and important aspect of their work, Butirskiy allows shadows to play an important and sophisticated role in his art.  The finished product is a painting so amazingly realistic it rivals the best photographs while still producing the emotional connection that only a painter can create. 

Longtime observers of Alexei Butirskiy have witnessed his increased value and notoriety in the art world.  Butirskiy’s original works include magnificently detailed pencil sketches, soft water colors, reflective acrylics and of course his sought after oil paintings.  The February show will feature many originals of all varieties, while also presenting many of his limited edition, hand embellished gicleés. 

I Love Paris in Acrylic
An Alexei Butirskiy show at the Key West Gallery is a wonderful opportunity to meet with Alexei and his talented publishing team offering a unique chance to learn more about Alexei’s work and how he develops each painting.  The Key West Gallery will be offering special show pricing throughout the event.  If you are unable to come to our gallery during the show but would like to learn more about these deals please contact us 

To RSVP for the show and reserve a piece in advance contact and join us for this special evening of art with Alexei Butirskiy. 

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