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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Internationally Known Artists Ramόn Pujol Show

Ramόn Pujol describes nature as having a spell that attracts him and which Pujol feels is “the shaper of man.”  Pujol’s paintings clearly reflect his love of nature and its great influence on his art.  Pujol creates his artwork both inside and outside of his studio often beginning a painting outside surrounded by the elements of nature that inspire him so much then finishing his works inside his studio. 

This weekend on January 21st & 22nd Ramόn Pujol will bring his stunning paintings to the Key West Gallery.  Join us for two evenings with Pujol, who will share his creative process and how he creates his pieces that captivate the viewer with their calm, peaceful scenes. 

From an early age in Spain Ramόn Pujol found great joy in painting, his family natured his talents leading him to a life long passion for art.  Pujol’s works have evolved from a partially impressionist style into a more-up-to-date approach.  His work reflects the beauty Pujol finds in nature and his adoration for traveling to locations all around Europe. 

Ramόn Pujol has had several books published on his life and achievements, holding over 130 exhibits around the world.  Pujol has received gold medals at the Autumn Salon in Marseille, France and the International Salon in Evian, France in addition to many other awards from his native Spain. 

The opportunity to share an evening with Ramόn Pujol and see so many of his exquisite original pieces is truly unique and should not be missed.  To RSVP for the January 21st or 22nd show please contact the Key West Gallery at   

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